From the Teaching Trenches: Auditions!

We asked our Facebook friends to share their best audition stories with us, and they definitely delivered!

“A student came in and in all seriousness he says ‘… and I will be performing a piece from Babylon 5.’ He had no idea it was a sci-fi show and proceeded to perform a super dramatic piece about an alien I think.” — Larissa

“When I auditioned as a hand model for a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial, the director told me ‘make your fingers look hungry.’ I didn’t get cast.” — Autumn

15032626_10210462971866610_119783878_nAutumn’s recreation of her hungry fingers.  We think she was robbed.


“It was the early 90s. A theatre in Hollywood was doing a trio of plays for Black History Month. One was a musical revue set in a nightclub in Heaven. The audition required preparing a song as a late jazz great. I did my best “Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man” from Showboat a la Lena Horne. Vintage dress. Vintage do. I had her vocal and physical mannerisms down. When I finished, the director said, ‘well that was great honey. But Lena Horne is still alive!’ And everyone in the room had a hearty laugh. Except me. Well, the beautiful Ms. Horne has since passed on to that great nightclub in the sky. So I could get away with it now.” — Shanda Gibson Bonn

“In the audition sides for midsummer Oberon gestures to Puck to come closer. It was Oberon telling him where to find the flower. I had a kid come in and when I said to begin whenever they were ready they totally seriously said ‘what if my character has no lines?’ I was beyond confused. Luckily my stage manager understood after some basic questioning that she had prepared a silent Puck pantomime…. thing. Sigh. 6th graders.” — Chris-tine

“For our summer rep auditions in college, we were expected to read the show beforehand, (as you should) in order give your best audition. One year, I only got through two of them but thought I’d fumble my way through with the third. I read for it cold and gave what I thought was a really great audition. My director thought so too, so I was gutted to see that I didn’t get the role. It wasn’t until I read through the script that I realized that it was for the role of the fiancée of a man who turns out to be a Ku Klux Klan member. I am decidedly not white. Read the play first, kids!” — Alyssa

Do YOU have an audition story to share?  We’d love to hear it!  Email us at or feel free to message us on Facebook or Twitter!


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