Mutual Benefits: Sports and Theatre

Pop culture, the media, and many social avenues are trending toward promoting the “Us v. Them” mentality. As fellow arts educators, we can certainly commiserate with teachers of the arts about athletics departments and the financial, admin support, and student interest imbalances that some experience. However,  we would rather take a moment to remember what it’s all about: gifting students with the tools to go into the world as balanced, healthy, well-rounded adults.

With that in mind, let’s explore some of the ways that sports and the arts can work together to benefit the student, and take a position of support for what each department has to offer.

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New Year’s Resolutions for the Theatre Teacher!

A fresh, shiny, new year brings a fabulous chance to set some new goals for the classroom. Here are a couple of our favorite ideas for New Year’s Resolutions specifically for Theatre teachers (submitted by Theatre teachers). Use these to get inspired about 2017!


Get every student involved during classes and programs.  -Johnathan A.


Try out or create a new-to-me lesson at least once a month. -Sylvia C.


Have more patience with THAT class. -Annalise R.


Read more scripts. -Tom L.


Make changes to classroom walls and furniture configuration. -LeNae R.

(Editor’s Note: You can check out some ideas on how to use those walls as teaching tool in a previous post!)

Purge and catalogue the costume and props storage. -Jenny L.


Promote the department and our accomplishments more. -Chase B.


Share good lessons with other theatre teachers and get their best lesson ideas from them. -Charlie S.


Learn about an area of Theatre in which I am not well-versed. -Rosa T.


Invite an audience into my class. (Senior citizens, another class, admin, superintendent, parents) -Jose G.


Attend a conference and learn more about my craft. -Shirley M.


We think Theatre teachers are a special kind of awesome and we want you to keep up the good work in 2017. Continue learning, inspiring, encouraging, challenging, and loving. Keep teaching compassion, awareness, inclusivity, creativity, and acceptance. The future of the art form is in your hands and we at Ludlam Dramatics can’t wait to see what you will do with it! Happy New Year!

What is your resolution as a teacher? Please share in the comments and keep us posted on your progress throughout the year.