New in 2017!

We have had a busy start to the year here at Ludlam Dramatics, but we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our new Winter/Spring 2017 product line!  Here is a brief overview of our new products and why we love them!

New Theatre Posters

As you know, our highest goal is to create resources for your classroom with valuable, theatre-specific content that is visually stimulating.  With that in mind, we have just released three new posters to add to your collection!

Elizabethan Theatre

To expand upon our Theatre History line of posters (including Greek & Roman Theatre and Commedia delle’Arte) we have added a poster breaking down the Elizabethan period and its impact on modern theatre.  As many states’ curriculum includes the study of Shakespeare and the study of Theatre History, we feel that this poster is perfect for all levels of theatre students as well as for cross-curricular usage.


Get it HERE!

Run Crew Breakdown

Another goal with all of our products and resources is to make sure that we include more than just actors and performers.  We have been very intentional about including technicians and the technical elements of theatre arts into our poster and products.  The newest technical poster we have is our Run Crew Breakdown!  This design charts the basic roles and responsibilities of the backstage/booth crew during the actual run of a production.  Each crew is described and connected to the Stage Manager to illustrate the chain of command during a show.


Get this one HERE!

Theatre Skills Poster

We debuted this poster at the TETA TheatreFest in Texas last month and it was a roaring success!  Using a word-cloud design, we have compiled a list of the real-life skills that are taught in the theatre.  Simple and clean, this poster is a fabulous reminder that theatre class is more than just public speaking.  Skills that are sought after in the workplace and in the world at large can be introduced and mastered through so many avenues in the world of the theatre and this poster is a lovely way to validate the significance of theatre on its practitioners!


This is available HERE!

Other Resources and Gear

The Stage Compass

We are super-excited to introduce this little bit of brilliance to your classroom!  The stage compass is a printed card that is meant to be worn around a necklace or lanyard to orient the student on stage.  It is the perfect tool for parts-of-the-stage games and for adding differentiation into your classroom.  As we mentioned, we like to keep the technicians in mind, so this is also a great tool for your beginning tech crew to orient themselves from onstage or in the house.  The reverse side of the compass card includes common blocking vocabulary for a quick-reference to keep directors and actors communicating effectively!


Get a Stage Compass HERE!

Tee Shirts

We rolled these out toward the end of 2016, but they are fabulous enough to mention!  We currently have four t-shirt designs for the Theatre Lover!  These shirts are available in sizes XS-XXL and are made of vinyl pressed onto soft, ring-spun cotton, unisex t-shirts.  We strive to make our shirts affordable and fashionable so they can be enjoyed by all!


Tee Shirts take a few extra days to create, so allow a little time for us to get it to you!

New Buttons

Everybody is looking for that button that just grabs them!  We have added two more to our line that we think you and your students will love!  These are great as rewards, good show gifts, or just pieces of flair!



We hope you love this new stuff and that it makes your classroom a better place!  Be sure and let us know if you would like to place an order!


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